There is a good possibility you have heard about the game “Among Us” unless you somehow missed the most talked about game in the world. “Among Us” is the most downloaded mobile game of 2020, with 264 million downloads worldwide. Crazy, isn’t it?


“Among Us” was first released in 2018 by the InnerSloth video game developer for Android and iOS. But it gained this massive popularity after two years in 2020 which spread like wildfire worldwide. Since then, it has beaten famous games like PUBG and Roblox and took the top spot. What can be the cause of this massive success? What is this game about, and why is everyone so crazy about it? Well, if you have these questions popping on your mind, stick around to find out all about it.


What is it About?


“Among Us” is a multiplayer game where a group of players ranging from 4 to 10 can play on a spaceship in outer space. At the beginning of the game, the players are assigned roles either as a “crewmate” or the “imposter” privately.

The crewmates have to run around the spaceship and complete tasks. If the team collectively completes all tasks, the bar will fill, and they can win. But that is when the imposter role comes. They will try their best to sabotage the missions and kill crewmates on the spaceship while still act like one of them.

The crewmates have to identify the imposters between 1 and 3 and try to stay alive until the end. They can vote off players who may seem suspicious by calling emergency meetings. If the crewmates manage to complete tasks and identify all the imposter, they win. The imposters win if they kill off enough crewmates before they figure out. The game is easy and challenging at the same time.


Why the Sudden Popularity?


“Among Us” requires team playing and good detective skills. It gained massive popularity in the summer of 2020. Many popular Twitch and YouTube streamers started playing the game. All of the big names in the gaming community started collaborating and it fast-tracked the wildfire. Since then, many celebrities, influencers, and public figures have hopped into this trend. Not to mention, it gave us an outlet to be together despite the social distancing protocols since the pandemic started. “Among Us” is accessible on mobile and requires $5 if you play on a PC. This game can be played by anyone as it requires no special skills or an expensive setup. You can say “Among Us” was in the right place at the right time.




“Among Us” brought friends and family together during the difficult times of the year 2020. It has been the most talked-about game since then, and we are glad it exists. “Among Us” proved that you do not have to have expensive gaming tools or advanced players’ skills to play. The sequel is in the works, and we can only hope that it will be better. But will it gain popularity this time? Only time can tell.