Even when your friends and cousins are miles apart, free online games can bring back the memories of playing together around the same couch. The emerge of Internet has brought endless options for kids; thus, they might opt for ones that are way beyond their age. This article combines some of the best free online games that your kids can play online with their long-distant friends or spare some time from their daily schedule.


1.   LEGO Creator Island


As children gave up traditional toys for videogames and online activities, bringing up the digital LEGO to stimulate kids’ thoughtful and engineering skills was a dire need. LEGO Creator Island is an exciting and uplifting online game that is best suited to children of 6-12 years. You can download unlimited games for free and let your child engage in interactive play.


2.   UNO


There’s nothing as thrilling as to fight over a UNO match. You can create a group full of friends to make the game feel homely. What kids might love is they can create their own rules and play in their favored way. Also, UNO can be played alone against bots when friends are away.


3.   Fruit Ninja


Presenting you with one of the best action-packed games for kids – Fruit Ninja. This game helps kids challenge themselves and set high scores against their friends. The game is easy as an ABC and can be played at any time.


4.   Dominoes


Dominoes is an all-time classical logic game that nurtures a child’s skill and judgment. It can be played online for free with a maximum of four people. It is basically a matching game that is fun and simple.


5.   Toca Kitchen 2


Kids are always into outlandish stuff whether it’s outdoor sports or online games. So, to help them get creative, Toca Kitchen 2 is a cooking game where you can cook with any ingredients of choice. Not everything dish has to be perfect and tasty; kids can serve any weird foods they want.


6.   Animal Jam


Kids can feel lonely when they have no one around to play with. How about let them make pet friends online? Animal Jam lets you customize animal characters. It’s educational and has all the safety features to let parents keep an eye on their kids.


7.   Super Mario Land


An evergreen, challenging, and stimulating game that has been a favorite for many. No chance that your kids would hate it. Saving the princess of Sarasaland is adventurous while collecting coins to score better is challenging.


Bottom Line


Free online games are fun to play when they have an intuitive interface and provokes kids’ internal development. Our list of free online games for kids mostly contains educational content while others are for entertainment purposes only. We hope your kids will love the above-listed games. Happy gaming!